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Nursery Insurance

Risk protection for your nursery operation

Nursery crop insurance is available in all states to all persons operating nurseries that meet certain criteria.

Insurance coverage applies, by practice (field-grown or container), to all of your nursery plants in a county that:

  • Are on the Eligible Plant List
  • Are grown in a nursery that receives at least 40% of its gross income from the wholesale marketing of nursery plants
  • Meet all the requirements for insurability
  • Are grown and sold with the root system attached
  • Are grown in an appropriate medium

Nursery plants may not be insured if they:

  • Are grown in containers containing two or more different genera, species, subspecies, varieties, or cultivars
  • Are grown as stock plants
  • Are grown solely for harvest of buds, flowers, or greenery.

Plants producing edible fruits and nuts can be insured if the plants are available for sale. Harvesting the edible fruit or nuts does not affect insurability.

Coverage Levels and Premium Subsidies

Coverage levels range from 50 to 75 percent of the producer’s plant inventory value. CAT coverage is also available. Crop insurance premiums are subsidized by the Federal government.


Crop Provisions
Nursery Fact Sheet

This information is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing contained herein can or should be interpreted to take precedence over policy language, Federal Crop Insurance Corporation/Risk Management Agency regulation, and Underwriting or Loss Adjustment rules.

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